Sort of back…

So, the old server decided to bite the dust without warning and without a recent backup.  No fun there.

Long live the new server.  Pictures of the cat, my wife, and our adventures will return shortly.  Until then, enjoy something else.

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  1. Liesel Hess says:

    Hello David Scherba. I’m a Phoenician, continuing on the legacy left by you and others, and it’s a legacy that I’m very happy has been left. This co-op rocks.
    I have taken on the egregious task of updating the Phoenix website, which hasn’t been done in several years. I found your name listed under alumni and through that venue was able to stalk you in this manner. Basically, it’s 4am and I can’t sleep for some reason even though I have class tomorrow at 9am. I’m too tired to mess with this cgi script I’ve been working on, but I still can’t fall asleep, so instead I’m doing this. I’m sure you’re thrilled.
    I would love to hear how your life has turned out post-Phoenix, why your cat has cardboard around its neck, any memory you can think of about the co-op, or any random wisdom that older people tend to be able to impart on younger people. Also there are all these pictures of “Rahim” or “Raheem.” Does that name ring a bell at all? Where was that guy from? I am haunted by this Rahim… he taunts me.
    And I’m done.

  2. David Scherba says:

    Hello Liesel,

    My life (with Rebecca, also an alumna of Phoenix) is going well. We’re married (with two cats), living in Boulder, CO, working, and having a good time.

    Homer was dressing up as a Hammantashen (a traditional cookie) for Purim, a Jewish holiday, during which it is traditional to dress up.

    With respect to advice, I can only advise that you keep on top of cleaning (including dish washing)–a clean house is a more pleasant one.

    I never knew Rahim (sp?), so I can’t help you there.

    Best of luck with your studies, and let us know if you’re ever in the Denver metro area.

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